Dark Timber Knives Releasing Two Mid-Tech Models Today

Dark Timber Knives is dropping its latest batch of mid-tech fixed blades later today. Two different models will be up for grabs: the OG Grizzly and a new mid-tech, the Skinny Woodsman [see feature image above].

The OG Grizzly should be a familiar sight to anybody who follows Kohler’s work. It takes a time-tested idea – the mid-size outdoors knife – and puts a fresh spin on it. An 8-inch, slightly recurved clip point blade is the star of the show, ideal for big camp chores but capable of taking care of more delicate tasks too. The Grizzly’s handle has a flared back end, a palm swell, and both a finger groove and forward choil to accommodate as many different grips as possible. In keeping with its eye-catching blade and ‘big knife’ design philosophy, Dark Timber’s Peter Kohler utilized CPM-3V steel on the OG Grizzly to create a durable, long-lasting blade and cutting edge.

As the name implies, the Skinny Woodsman takes a different approach to an outdoors tool. Its 4.75-inch drop point blade maintains a slim, straight profile along its cutting length. The handle consists of simple curves and a single finger groove beneath the beginning of the blade. All in all, it’s a clean, professional profile that can handily accomplish a wide gamut of cutting jobs. For steel on the Skinny Woodsman Kohler opted for 80CrV2. This carbon steel may not be as familiar as other common fixed blade options, but offers a balanced suite of characteristics that make it perfect for a companion-sized knife like the Woodsman.

Kohler a custom knifemaker from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Like lots of passionate makers, he first learned the craft out of necessity: he was unable to afford a good knife so he decided to make one himself. A friend saw the knife and wanted to commission one of his own, and Peter was soon pouring his passion for the outdoors into creating custom knives.

As his experience has grown, the demand for Kohler’s knives has skyrocketed. His dedicated Facebook group, the Dark Timber Brotherhood, has swelled its ranks to nearly fifteen thousand members. Two years ago, Kohler launched his first batch of mid-tech knives to help satiate some of the outsized demand for his blades. Several batches have been released, and each one has caused a feeding frenzy, selling out within a matter of minutes. We asked J Rouch of KnivesShipFree the question on everyone’s mind: How can I try to get one of these knives? Rouch tells us that the best method for snagging a Dark Timber blade later today is a combination of preparedness and patience. “The best thing you can do is log in ahead of time, have your card information ready, and keep your fingers crossed,” he advises.

Anyone who wants to try their luck can look for the new Dark Timber release today, September 19th 2018, at 3pm Central/4pm Eastern time at KnivesShipFree, DLT Trading, and BladeHQ.

Knife featured in image: Dark Timber Knives Skinny Woodsman

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