American Tomahawk Company Drops Larger New Model

The American Tomahawk Company has just released a new ‘hawk into the wild, the Model 2.

The American Tomahawk Company has a long history. It was founded in the late 60s by Pete Lagana, who designed a model called the Vietnam Tomahawk. That ‘hawk became a cult classic in the field, but the company itself went dormant for many years. Its first revival was in the early 2000s, but the going was still rocky. In 2019, the American Tomahawk Company was acquired by a supergroup of hard use tool makers, including Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical and Jeff Kirkham, Founder of Readyman. The new management’s first release was, of course, an update of the original Vietnam Tomahawk, now renamed the Model 1.

The Model 2 now follows, and rather than a straight sequel, it approaches the ‘hawk genre from a different angle. Comparing the two, it’s obvious at a glance that the Model 2’s head is much larger, and indeed with 4.13 inches of cutting edge it has nearly double the length of the flagship. And that edge is curved rather than straight as on the Model 1, with a bearded profile that lets users choke up right underneath the edge for added control during detail work.

The steel is drop forged 1060 carbon steel, same as it was on the Model 1. Axeheads will recognize 1060 as a common choice in the field. It’s a carbon steel in the same family as 1075 and 1095, but with less carbon than either. This modulation reduces 1060’s edge retention capabilities but ups the durability – a much more important metric for a tool designed for high-impact chores. Speaking of, the Model 2 has a flat, heavy hammer on the reverse side of its head, which has obvious uses around a camp site (American Tomahawk Company pointedly describes their products as multitools).

The Model 2’s sheath and MOC straps

The longer cutting edge and hammer head do make the Model 2 beefier than its predecessor, although not by as much as you might think; the Model 2, at 23.5 oz., is only three and a half ounces heavier than the Model 1. A frag-patterned nylon handle helps keep the weight in the axe head itself where it should be; the Model also released in wood-handled variations, but no such options exist for the 2 as yet. It comes with a Kydex scabbard and the MOC (Multi-Option Carry) straps that you see on RMJ Tactical sheaths.

Featured Image: American Tomahawk Company Model 2

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