Great Eastern Cutlery Releases Brand New Model, the Keychain Knife

Great Eastern Cutlery is releasing the #05 Keychain Knife very soon. The Keychain Knife establishes a new model line for the company, and falls into a different size and use category than many recent GEC releases.

The Keychain Knife is, get this, a slipjoint designed for carry on a keyring. This means that it’s even smaller than your average slippie, with a closed length of just 2.5 inches. Available with either a sheepsfoot or spear point blade, the Keychain Knife looks like a good backup blade, or possibly sole EDC for particularly undemanding days – and those roles are in addition to the perennial GEC knife role as collectible; the last year or so has been an especially hard time to get a GEC model unless you jump it on as soon as it goes up for sale.

The Keychain Knife’s dimensions are interesting in and of themselves, but another difference between it and many of its GEC brethren and sistren is the steel. Instead of the usual 1095, the Keychain Knife is part of the smaller sub-category of GEC knives made from 440C stainless. This makes sense, given that the Keychain Knife may theoretically spend more time in the pocket/generally out and about than the average GEC, and it would defeat the purpose of its keychain carryability to keep it in a leather slip or likewise. 440C trades away some of 1095’s edge retention and toughness for a major boost to rust resistance: this is a full stainless steel.

The handle itself is as simple as can be, just an unadorned, rectangular shape with rounded edges. The Keychain Knife is bolster- and shieldless, and the only cover option is Sambar Stag, so the look of the covers will vary from model to model. The Keychain Knife also comes with a leather loop attachment, stamped with the Great Eastern Cutlery name.

It is a red letter day when a brand new GEC model is released. We see lots of reissues, and many variations on existing patterns, but rare is the day when an entire new pattern is established. The Keychain Knife is the first such pattern in a while, so maybe it’ll see its own variations and sequels in the future.

The Keychain Knife will be arriving with dealers shortly, and as mentioned above, it is all but certain it will sell out quickly. Keep your eyes peeled and your mouse on the Buy button over the course of the next couple of days if you want one.

Knife in Featured Image: Great Eastern Cutlery #05 Keychain Knife

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