Anatoliy Omelchenko has New, Smaller O-Clip Lined up for Release

Anatoliy Omelchenko, he of the Clip-Lock and the O-Clip accessory for the Opinel No. 8, is returning with to Kickstarter with a new O-Clip for the No. 7 size. There are no big changes to the design here, but the O-Clip No. 7 should presage more runs for other sizes in the future.

It seems like no matter what you release in the knife world, there are always requests for it to come in other sizes. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when it comes to the O-Clip; while the No. 8 is the “original” Opinel size, the No. 7, with its 3-inch blade length, is right on the money in terms of the current knife community’s preference for EDC. “My first No. 8 campaign was very successful, and I received a lot of positive reviews,” Omelchenko tells us. “I also received many requests for the No.07 version at that time. So, the current campaign is for those who own, or are planning to buy, a No. 7 Opinel knife.”

The O-Clip replaces the Virobloc collar

“The design is absolutely similar. Only difference is the size,” Omelchenko continues. “The No.7 is a bit smaller overall. It’s practically the younger version of the No. 8 clip.” If you’re not familiar with the first O-Clip, it replaces the Virobloc collar on the locking Opinel knives; once it’s in place, it works just like the Virobloc in that it can be turned to keep the blade open or closed, but also obviously adds in a pocket clip. This is a major upgrade that addresses the number one hangup a modern knife user might have about carrying an Opinel. Without a clip, it has to be carried loose in the pocket or with some kind of sheath – and both of these options are unsatisfactory by many modern EDC standards. It’s also worth noting that, as was the case with the O-Clip No. 8, the No. 7 clip will work with any Opinel built on that No. 7 chassis, not just the standard, wood-handled classic model.

Omelchenko says that the O-Clip No. 7 is the next step, but not the last for his product line. “Since I’m still receiving a lot of emails from my potential customers, I would continue on to the No. 9 and No. 10 models.” The No. 10, by the way, scales the blade length up to nearly 4 inches; no plans exist at this time for the No. 6, which is the smallest locking version of the Opinel.

Omelchenko has O-Clip no. 7 open for funding through December 19th. If the project is successful, the O-Clip No. 7s are expected to ship to backers in January 2022.

Featured Image: O-Clip No. 7