O-Clip Designer Returns to Kickstarter for Clip-Lock Knife

[UPDATED 11/9/21: Updated to reflect product name change to O-Clip]

Anatoliy Omelchenko, the man behind the O-Clip pocket clip for Opinel knives, is back on Kickstarter with a fresh design all his own. The Clip-Lock is an all-purpose folding knife with a patent pending locking mechanism designed to be both elegantly simple and functional.

At its heart, the Clip-Lock is a rugged, mid-sized knife. Omelchenko says that simplicity was the driving concept for the Clip-Lock design. Thus in terms of a blade, he created a classic clip point shape, measuring 3.54 inches in length. Made from 440A steel and hollow ground, Omelchenko says that the Clip-Lock is ready for daily carry, but big and rugged enough for outdoors use as well.

In terms of opening method, we have a classic thumb stud setup. But the lock is where Omelchenko’s desire for simplicity resulted in something new. “I analyzed a large number of knives and realized how important the clip is for a modern knife,” he tells us. “After awhile, I had an idea to build a mechanism in which everything would be built around the clip.”

Omelchenko says the design is a simple one. “One part of the hardened steel wire clip is the axle pin and the other part locks the blade.” This means that the knife can be opened by pulling the clip and flicking the wrist, similar to how you flip out an Axis Lock knife by pulling back on the cross bar. Disengagement is achieved by sliding the clip sidewise.

Omelchenko says that the Clip-Lock brings big advantages to the table. Because it integrates two normally separate parts of the knife into one, there is less to maintain on the Clip-Lock. “The lock is very easy to manufacture and, at the same time, very reliable in operation. All its parts are easily washed with water and do not require disassembly to remove contamination.”

Moving onto the ergonomics: Omelchenko conceived of a generous, oversized handle, comprised of a soft, undulating shape. Once again in keeping with his preference for simplicity, the handle scales are made from unadorned black G-10; the Clip-Lock knife weighs 3.5 ounces and, given the nature of its unusual lock, is restricted to tip-down carry.

The Clip-Lock is available to back on Kickstarter now. The project runs through Sunday, November 29th, with a funding goal set at $18,000.

Knife in Featured Image: Anatoliy Omelchenko Clip-Lock