Straight Razor-Inspired CQC-17 Joins the Emerson Signature Series

Emerson is releasing the latest model in its Signature Series today. Meet the CQC-17, a folding knife that spices up reliable Emerson tropes with some classic straight razor iconography.

The CQC-17’s blade measures 3.125 inches long, which makes this particular Emerson one that is well-suited for EDC. In modern knife terminology, we’d probably class the blade shape as a modified wharncliffe: a very slightly curved edge running out to a low, but acute, tip. Emerson itself notes the resemblance between this shape and the sort you’d see on traditional folding straight razors; but they don’t recommend or intend this knife as a replacement for your current shaving implements. No, the CQC-17 is a rough and ready every day carry knife, best suited to tackling the little and big chores that we all encounter.

As with the blade, the handle tweaks a common, near universal shape into something with a little more of that recognizable Emerson look. At base you have the straight, one-finger-groove handle profile that’s been part of the folding knife design lexicon for ages. But little details throughout mark the CQC-17’s handle as something with a little more personality, while still retaining that template’s basic usefulness. The spine, for instance, dips noticeably behind the blade, and the finger guard is more pronounced and elongated for safety during more strenuous work. We’re seeing the classic Emerson materials and mechanisms as well: black G-10 scales and a titanium liner lock underneath.

Interestingly, the CQC-17 is a Waveless model, opening only with a thumb disk. The last Emerson release prior to this, the BullShark Auto, also eschewed the patented Wave opening system, but the company has said on social media that they have “plenty coming through” with that signature Emerson element.

The Signature Series provides a place for Emerson to design and release new models in limited, numbered runs. If you are interested in getting a CQC-17 for yourself, you should head to the Emerson website at 12pm MST/2pm EST today, Monday the 9th of November.

Knife in Featured Image: Emerson Knives CQC-17

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