Atlas is latest Multifunctional Folder from Böker

Böker is adding a lightweight, multifunctional knife into their Plus lineup, in the form of the Atlas.

The Atlas is not really a multitool. It is primarily a folding knife, with an option for one additional utensil. Thus the core of its appeal will be the blade, a clean, satin-finished 2.64-inch drop point made from 12C27N stainless steel. It’s a shape, length, and steel suited for everyday chores of the medium-to-light variety – a role further emphasized by the fact that the Atlas is a non-locking knife. The slipjoint spring is visible on the exterior of the knife, and users open the Atlas via nail marks cut into both sides of its blade.

Böker is offering the Atlas with a pair of scissors which fold out of the same side of the knife as the blade. These scissors give users a different approach to detail work than that afforded by the main cutting edge. If you like the Atlas knife design but don’t want the scissors, there are also scissorless versions available.

Visually, the Atlas bears more than a passing resemblance to European folding knives of the late 19th- and mid-20th century – knives like the French Douk-Douk and, more directly, the Mercator K55K. Like those knives, it has a very slender steel handle that prioritizes a low profile in the pocket over ergonomic details. Even with that full steel construction, the Atlas manages to remain adequately svelte at 3.17 oz.; and unlike those historical knives, it comes equipped with a deep carry clip.

There are two scissorless models available: one dressed in the same stainless steel handle scales as the scissor’d version, and another with G-10 scales instead. These versions are lighter than the multifunctional Atlas, with a weight of about 2.65 oz.

The Atlas models are expected to arrive at the end of the month.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Atlas

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