Nightmorning Design Bolsters the TwoSun Lineup

TwoSun Knives may not be in the spotlight that often but they are continuing to work, producing new knives at a pretty steady clip. Some of the most recent releases have come from Nightmorning Design. This designer’s latest is the 263, a larger, stylish flipper knife that blends high-end and budget-friendly materials.

The 263’s blade runs to 3.46 inches. This is long enough to widen the gamut of cutting tasks it can perform but also lets Nightmorning’s bold blade design shine. The profile straddles that nebulous line between modified drop point or modified wharncliffe; either way, the cutting edge is all belly, running out to an elongated point that is reinforced – and given additional attitude – by a harpoonish swedge.

Unlike a lot of other knife companies, TwoSun has yet to settle into its “preferred” steels yet; we’ve seen D2, M390, and S90V from the company, and the 263 is coming out in another: 14C28N. This isn’t considered a high-end steel, but its performance is well-balanced and solid across the board. While the four holes cut into the blade may invite a thumb hole-like deployment, it seems like the intended way of opening the 263 is via its front flipper mechanism.

The handle is where TwoSun is working with premium materials. The 263 is sporting an entirely titanium handle, with big Micarta inlays on both scales. Its frame lock is of course capped by a steel insert, and the titanium clip is a sculpted one, embellished with the same hole motif as the blade and scales. All in all, the 263 weighs 4.13 oz.

Nightmorning Design is gaining steam in the knife world. They are quite prolific, and their IG page is a font of new CAD files. They have already showed off a new flipper that could end up joining the TwoSun lineup in the future.

Knife in Featured Image: TwoSun 263

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