Quiet Carry Returns with High-Performance, Affordable Eddy

Quiet Carry recently released the Eddy, the newest edition to their growing Everyday Carry lineup. The Eddy brings a clean design and impressive blade steel to an accessible price point.

You can tell at a glance that the Eddy is a Quiet Carry design. The streamlined profile and the line of four holes milled into the scale give it away as company founder Bryce Alexander design. Alexander’s penchant for clean blade shapes is also on full display: the Eddy has a 2.45 drop point, a shape and size that allow it to be a consummate EDC design. Its blade is small enough for delicate and lightweight chores, but long enough to provide adequate horsepower for some heavier duty tasks that may come your way.

Quiet Carry has been emphasizing blade steel on all their recent releases, and the Eddy is no exception. The idea here is to provide a modestly-priced offering with a current gen super steel. Thus the Eddy’s blade is made from CPM-20CV, a high-performance powder metallurgy steel that is often considered an equivalent to M390. Like most of the steels in its class, 20CV gets high marks in edge retention and corrosion resistance. This choice would be admirable but not particularly noteworthy if not for the Eddy’s price, which is $99. It is one of very few knives in the sub-$100 bracket sporting this particular steel.

Like the Waypoint and Chase before it, there is little to interrupt or otherwise dictate the user’s grip on the Eddy’s handle; the biggest ergonomic detail is the large finger cutout for accessing the knife’s liner lock. A Spyderco-esque loop over wire clip makes the phrase “quiet carry” more than a brand name, at at just 2.2 oz. total weight the Eddy is an easy carry too.

Quiet Carry has grown considerably since its inception in 2014. They started small, crowdfunding individual blades along the way. Now, they have two major knife lines (Elements and Everyday Carry), alongside a slew of non-knife EDC products.

The Eddy is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Quiet Carry Eddy