Balisong Brand Goes Mainstream with Folding Knife Releases

Bladerunners Systems (BRS) just announced it will be introducing a line of folding knives dubbed the e-volve series. The company tested the waters with small batch folding knife releases in the past, but BRS will be diving into the deep-end this year with a steady stream of new production folding knife models.

BRS is known as a major force in the balisong market, earning a cult following with designs like the Replicant and Barebones. But, according to Co-Founder Edward Anthonis, the company had its sights set on the mainstream knife market from the very beginning and won’t be satisfied just conquering a niche. “Our plan from the start was always to be an all-encompassing knife brand, not just a balisong company,” he tells us.

The Minuteman, BRS’ first entry in the e-volve series, originated as a custom Blackstone Valley Knifeworks design. Like its forbearer, the e-volve Minuteman’s dimensions (a 3.27-inch blade and a weight just over 4 oz) will hit comfortable mid-size numbers. “We took the Minuteman where it needed to go, and picked up a price point that’s very attractive,” Anthonis says. “It’s an excellent design and we were really happy to work with BVK on it.”

BRS Minuteman

Until now, all BRS products have been sourced domestically, and often in small runs. But, for the e-volve series, BRS partnered with a trusted overseas OEM and they tell us to expect the quality of the Minuteman to outclass its sub-$200 price point. The titanium frame lock Minuteman will be available at leading dealers in the next few weeks and come with a blackwash finish, sculpted pocket clip, and an S35VN wharncliffe blade.

Buyers can bank on more new e-volve folders throughout 2018. The Apache and Fragment (‘teaser’ images shown below) will follow the Minuteman later in the year, and collaborations with Gavko, Tuffthumbs, and Nova Blades are also in the works.

BRS e-volve Knives

Anthonis believes that BRS’ core consumer base will take to their modern folder output even if they aren’t balisongs. “I think they’ll like them because when it comes down to it, they’re just knife guys like the rest of us.” BRS says they’ll keep their foot on the gas pedal in the bali genre too. “We’re not disrupting the balisong production – we’re ramping that up this year.”.

Knife featured in image: BRS e-volve Minuteman