Condor Tooling Up in 2018

Condor is introducing a slew of new for 2018 products. The new fixed blades include their first hidden-tang knife, EDC-focused options, and a recreation of a famous primitive tool.

The El Salvadorian knife company positions itself firmly as an outdoorsman’s brand and the 2018 batch of product reinforces that. Multiple machetes, puukkos, and bushcraft blades are all present and accounted for alongside specialized camp tools.

In addition to the outdoors tools, several small knives fill EDC-style roles, while the growing tactical vibe we picked up on last summer develops further. Condor also experimented with materials and construction. Adventurous blade shapes like the Big Leaf Machete make an impression alongside new woods, finishing techniques, and material variants.

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Nearly thirty new knives will join the massive Condor catalog in the early spring. Here are some of the highlights:

Urban EDC Puukko
The Urban Puukko’s 3.25-inch blade hits a similar size category as many popular folders, and the leather sheath keeps it discrete on a belt or even in a pocket.

Condor Urban EDC Pukko

Named after a famous natural mummy discovered in the Alps, the Otzi emulates the small flint knife found alongside the preserved body. Although it may serve as a historical collectible for most customers, the Otzi knife is ready for work with a 1095 blade – and it might even fill an EDC role with its small and useful 2.27-inch cutting edge.

King among the new tactical knives is the Atrox. Its 11-inch long clip point blade sports 1075 steel for extra durability, which allows the Atrox to perform as both a machete and a combat blade.

Condor Atrox

Norse Dragon
“Old school” is the best way to describe this Scandi grind puukko. Condor implemented traditional hidden tang construction, where a narrow steel tang runs the length of the handle. They also embellished their American hickory wood handle with an engraved dragon.

Condor Norse Dragon

Another tactical design, the Skirmish takes advantage of its narrow frame and blade for maximum aggression. The Micarta handle enables users to transition between a variety of grips. You stow away the Skirmish in a durable, weather-resistant Kydex sheath.

Condor Skirmish

Joe Flowers, professional adventurer and longtime designer at Condor, drew up a custom Terrasaur in 2009. Now it sees an affordable production release positioned as an all-purpose, go-to bushcraft blade. Simple ergonomics, rugged polymer handle, and broad 1095 steel blade are the highlights here.

Condor Terrasaur

Big Leaf Machete
It’s not hard to figure out where this one got its name; it brings new meaning the phrase “leaf-shape blade.” The Big Leaf’s 13.5-inch blade features an acute tip and a massive sweep of belly for chopping tasks. The Micarta handle features a curved butt end to keep your hand in place even while working hard.

Condor Big Leaf Machete

Knife featured in image: Condor Otzi