Collectors Do a Double Take Over Todd Begg Fixed Blade

Todd Begg has a reputation for making some of the knife world’s most coveted eye candy. He took his penchant for visual flair one step further with the fixed blade version of his Mini Glimpse folder. This little knife is an optical illusion: a fixed blade designed to be indistinguishable from its folding counterpart.

“I wanted to use that same handle design in a fixed blade so you’d have a matching set,” Begg says in an interview with KnivesShipFree. When a folding knife gets translated into a fixed blade, that usually means significant modifications to the design. But Begg didn’t change a thing. “It’s the same hardware, same everything, just one folds and one doesn’t.” A fake pivot pin and flipper tab strengthen the illusion. Next to each other on a table, the folding and the fixed blade Mini Glimpses look identical.

Begg was playing around with this riff on the Mini Glimpse for a while but kept mum until G8. At the show he set the fixed blade Mini Glimpse alongside its folding brethren – without letting showgoers in on the secret. Collectors came by Begg’s table and struggled against the Mini Glimpse’s new ‘lock.’ “So many people picked up that fixed blade .. and I see people holding this thing, shaking trying to close it,” says Begg with a laugh.

You can hardly blame them for trying. Begg’s brother Mark got in on the fun and held a little ‘contest.’ “Mark’s telling everybody, ‘if you can close that you can have it,’” Begg recalls. It would be hard for any knife knut to resist the chance for a free Todd Begg knife, but once they saw the full-length tang they knew they’d been punked. But even the Mini Glimpse fixed blade’s deceptive nature couldn’t stop collectors from snatching up the few available for sale in a recent limited run.

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Begg has been releasing new knives at a good clip. The Begg Field Marshall joined the ranks of his production Steelcraft Series at the beginning of August. Customers looking for a Glimpse that actually folds should also take a look at the brand-new Glimpse 6.0, the latest iteration of the full-size, frame lock version of the Glimpse. The Glimpse 6.0 brings inlay options to this Begg knife design.

Knife featured in image: Begg Knives Mini Glimpse Fixed Blade

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