Leatherneck Knives Makes Eye-Catching Customs with Unique Ergonomics

Leatherneck Knives founder Chris Myers is rolling out a series of unique fixed blade designs to spread the word about his work and make Leatherneck Knives a brand everybody knows. By offering unique ergonomics, eye catching aestetics, and handmade quality at affordable prices, Leatherneck Knives could soon occupy its own place in the custom knife market.

Leatherneck knives look like nothing else out there. Their curved, pistol grip-like handles are a fresh take on fixed blade ergonomics and complement the bold yet useful blade shape on the business end. “Function comes first, but the knife design has to flow, because any knife you make is really your business card,” Myers says.

It took Myers three years to get his handle designs just right. He started off by prototyping handle patterns, cutting shapes out of manila envelopes to get a feel for the lines. From there the most satisfactory outlines turned into full-fledged knives. Myers gave early renditions to friends for testing and feedback. Three years and many iterations later, Myers, a former Marine, is proud of what he has achieved. “As of right now, this is the best handle I know how to make.”

Leatherneck Knives Start at $200, Sheath Included

Myers makes each knife and its sheath by hand in his garage workshop in North Royalton, Ohio. He chooses to work with simple, proven steels like 1095, and plays with finishes and filework so that each knife is unique and characterful. “I’m trying to get that signature look,” Myers tells us. “I could skip these processes but it takes away from the handmade nature of my blades.”

Myers is currently working on a new neck knife design. Settling on a few core models is also a goal for the end of the year. A new website will be going up to streamline the ordering process. Right now, customers can contact Myers directly through social media to place an order.

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Even with the growth he has experienced, knife making it is still just a hobby for Myers. But the possibility of a full-time knife making career feels more palpable with every new sale. “What better job is there than to do what you love all day?” he asks. “I’m a ‘Nothing is Impossible’ kind of guy.”

The wait for a Leatherneck is only a month and you can get one starting at $200, sheath included.

Knife featured in image: Leatherneck Knives Fixed Blade