Benchmade 2018 Catalog: A Guide to What’s New

It’s the first working day of 2018 and Benchmade stepped into the new year by releasing their 2018 catalog. In 2017, Benchmade unexpectedly followed up a strong SHOT Show offering with a steady stream of new product announcements. The new approach kept excitement levels high throughout the year, but it also raised a question in the minds of competitors and knife dealers. Did the unorthodox timing mean that Benchmade would abandon SHOT Show as its primary product launching pad? With a glance at Benchmade’s new for 2018 catalog, it is clear that the answer is no. With 12 never before seen products included in today’s catalog, ‘in-year’ announcements were in addition to (not instead of) the new products we’ll get to show you close-up during our SHOT Show 2018 Knives coverage in a few weeks.

The new catalog is impressive with Benchmade managing to hit a comprehensive range of price points, sizes, and categories of use. EDC options will get a major shot in the arm with four mini-variants of popular models – yes, that will include a Mini Crooked River. Tactical choices aren’t lacking either, with both new folders and fixed blades serving that purpose. Finally, Benchmade will be further expanding its Hunt series. 1/3 of the new products in the Benchmade 2018 Catalog fall into the company’s outdoors-centric line.

New Mini Variants
The Benchmade 15085 Mini Crooked River is a hotly anticipated follow-up to a modern classic. The new knife will enter the world more than two ounces lighter than the original. But, with its 3.4-inch S30V blade and oversized glove-friendly handle, it is still a substantial folder. Joining the Mini Crooked River are the Mini Freek, Mini Boost, and Mini Presidio II. The Mini Freek is the smallest with a blade length of three inches, while the tactically-oriented Mini Presidio II’s 3.2-inch blade is second only to the Mini Crooked River in size.

Benchmade 15200 Altitude
With design accents borrowed from the Crooked River, this minimalist fixed blade follows the ultra-lightweight footsteps of the Bugout even more. A 3-inch S90V blade and carbon fiber micro-scale keep the Altitude’s weight at just 1.67 oz. – even lighter than the Bugout itself. The new knife is also available in black.

Benchmade Altitude

Benchmade 495 Vector
The Vector joins the award-winning Arcane as an entry in the narrow category of Axist Assist flippers. Beyond the unusual pedigree, its standout attributes are a low-profile flipper tab and striking, symmetrical spear point blade.

Benchmade Vector

Benchmade 15400 Pardue Hunter
Mel Pardue is the man behind Benchmade’s evergreen Griptilian lineup. His latest contribution goes for a more traditional look. The Hunter hearkens back to outdoors knives of yore with its Micarta scales and leather sheath.

Benchmade Pardue Hunter

Benchmade 15061 Grizzly Ridge
The Grizzly Ridge shares the dual durometer handle construction and some visual cues with the Freek. However, it will come with tweaks to fit its outdoor nature, including high visibility orange accents and forward jimping on the blade for skinning tasks.

Benchmade Grizzly Ridge

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Benchmade 417 Fact
The slender, aggressive Fact has a stiletto-style spear point blade just under four inches long and a skeletonized aluminum frame. This keeps the weight under four ounces and makes pocket stowage, in combination with a deep carry clip, easy and subdued.

Benchmade Fact

Benchmade 133 Fixed Infidel
Benchmade’s signature automatic will be joined by a fixed blade brother this year. The Infidel’s signature scalloped handle and dagger blade reappear on a larger scale. It is also available with a coated blade.

Benchmade Fixed Infidel

Benchmade 101 Follow-Up
Benchmade’s new neck knife is small and skeletonized, with an option for a paracord handle wrap.

Benchmade Follow-Up

Benchmade 698-181 Foray
Benchmade partnered with Damasteel on an exclusive pattern, dubbed Loki, for this Gold Class model. The new steel, marbled CF handle with mother of pearl inlay, and acqua-anodized thumb stud may help the Foray design catch the eyes of collectors.

Benchmade Gold Class Foray

Knife featured in image: Benchmade 15200 Altitude