Three Rivers Announces New for 2018 Knives

Three Rivers Manufacturing (TRM) adds to its growing stable of knives with upcoming releases, the entry-level Viator slipjoint and the high-end Kaguya flipper.

The Viator (shown below) is a modern slipjoint, with a G-10 handle and sub 3-inch drop point blade. TRM hit on that blade length after fielding user responses to their Nomad folder. “People that used it loved it, but for some it might have been too small,” says Marianne Halpern, company Co-Owner. By staying right below the 3-inch mark, the Viator maintains broad legality while expanding into some other cutting roles that may have been beyond the Nomad’s 1.9-inch cutting edge.

The Viator

In the Viator, TRM aimed to create their most affordable offering yet. “With every design element we’re trying to keep that price down,” Halpern explains. Despite a lower price relative to other TRM models, the Viator still utilizes CPM-154 steel and titanium liners. “We love to always be using high-quality materials,” Halpern tells us. “You won’t see a stainless steel or aluminum-handled knife from us.”

Alongside the lower-priced Viator, TRM is pulling out all the stops for their upcoming, high-end Kaguya (shown in main image). This slim liner lock flipper distinguishes itself with a Japan-inspired tanto blade and bamboo-themed handle. That handle is made from C62300 Nickel Aluminum Bronze. Produced by Diversified Metals, this metal typically sees use in submarine construction but rarely if ever turns up in knives. It brings the beautiful sheen of bronze but won’t patina with handling.

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To further set the Kaguya apart, TRM produced a custom pivot with a synthetic ruby in the middle of it. The embellishment will be an ongoing presence in their Elite Series, which encompasses all of their high-end releases. The previously-revealed Thunderbird has received this pivot upgrade too.

TRM releases will come fast and furious next year. The Thunderbird will finally debut, and TRM expects the Viator to be ready to purchase by February, followed shortly after by the Kaguya. Halpern tells us to expect more releases throughout the rest of the year, including a liner lock variant of the Viator. “We have to balance all the work that we do,” she says. “But in summer/fall we’ll have some other things coming.”

The Viator is expected to ship with an MSRP of $179, while the price of the Kaguya is pegged at $450.

Knife featured in image: TRM Kaguya

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