Benchmade 535BK-4 is Here at Last

After first being shown off at the beginning of the year, the Benchmade 535BK-4 Bugout is finally going to be available.

The 535BK-4 is a premium variation on the Bugout design which, in its standard configuration, falls on the lower end of Benchmade’s pricing spectrum. Naturally, the higher price bracket here means that the 535BK-4 gets some pretty comprehensive aesthetic and performance-affecting upgrades.

The blade steel is M390, a Bohler-Uddeholm formulation that is a ubiquitous presence on higher end knives, perhaps more common these days than even S35VN. In terms of performance, M390 improves on the S30V seen on the standard Bugout, with high edge retention, a very fine grain structure, and loads of corrosion resistance. The black blade coating here is more of a fashion statement than a rust prophylactic, contrasting nicely with the red anodized thumb stud and complimenting the other subdued shades on the handle.

Speaking of which: the 535BK-4’s handle scales are contoured aluminum with a sunburst pattern cut into them; all the hardware is black, including the pocket clip, and the 535BK-4 weighs 2.5 oz. That is a little more than the original Bugout, but still low enough to qualify it as a lightweight knife.

The Bugout is without a doubt one of the biggest Benchmade success stories of recent years. A number of different variations and line extensions have rolled out. Most recently, additional materials were added to the Bugout Custom Knife Builder service. Through that service, you can create a Bugout with aluminum scales and various super steel blades, but not with the sunburst pattern aluminum scales or M390.

The 535BK-4 will be available September 1st.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 535BK-4 Bugout