Doctor EDC Returns to Cormorant Design and Its Patented Locking Mechanism

Kizer Engineer Yue Dong, known as Doctor_EDC online, is prepping a new and improved “Version 2” of his Cormorant folder. The Cormorant V2 is a knife nerd-friendly EDC design with plenty of unusual touches, the most notable being its patented locking mechanism.

Doctor EDC is a member of the Kizer team, working as an engineer; and this mechanical bent is on display on the Cormorant V2’s locking mechanism. Like its predecessor, the V2 is equipped with a patented lock of Doctor EDC’s own creation; in terms of comparisons, it functions very much like a button lock. Once the Cormorant V2 is opened – either via its thumb cutout or one of two flipper tabs – pressing the button disengages the lock, allowing the blade to fall freely shut. But big differences lurk under the hood, starting with the button’s placement on the handle. “As we know,  when you hold a button lock knife, sometimes you will accidentally press the release button and unlock the knife,” Doctor EDC tells us. “By putting the lock plunge inside of the blade, my new locking mechanism can reduce the possibility of unintended lock release.”

An exploded view of the Cormorant

Another important internal difference is that the Cormorant’s lock plunge is dome-shaped. “This transformation allows the user to have a clean and springy feeling when they deploy the knife; as well as allow the users to have a reasonable and pleasant retaining force when they want to keep their knives closed,” Doctor EDC continues. And this set-up brings made it easier for Kizer and the good Doctor to dial in the opening tension, too. “My locking mechanism enables the knife to have a 3-way opening system (flipper, front flipper, and thumbhole) with minimum conflicts or tuning times.”

A closeup of the Cormorant V2’s lock

In terms of the knife design of the Cormorant itself, the V2’s scales will feature a “tactical stripe” instead of the XX pattern on V1, and in addition to G-10 scales like the V1 had, there will also be some number of Cormorants released in full titanium.

Doctor EDC and the rest of the team at Kizer are already hard at work on getting the Cormorant V2s done, and he says that a first batch of 100 knives will be ready for release by the end of September.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Cormorant V2