Leatherman Curl Finally Set to Arrive Next Week

It may have taken awhile, but the Leatherman Curl is now officially on the way. The Curl seems poised to fill a gap left by the discontinuation of the Leatherman Wave as an affordable, all-your-bases-covered multitool.

As a full-sized pliers-based MT, the Curl is a hefty but compact design, packing 15 different functions into its two-part frame. For anybody familiar with the standard Leatherman loadout on designs like the Wave, there won’t be any surprises here: you get your main, locking blade (made from 420HC steel), opened via cutout, and a saw blade; a bit driver, can opener, spring-loaded scissors, and of course the pliers themselves. The most unusual implement when compared to similar offerings is the awl, which is something the Wave family tools do not have.

Another notable addition to the Curl is the included deep carry pocket clip. Carry options for pliers-based multitools tend to be sheath-based, and the Curl does come with a Nylon belt pouch, but this alternative option is certainly welcome, especially as it is included with the tool and not offered at an additional cost, as is the case with some other Leatherman models, the Bond included.

The Curl with its tools on display

We knew about the Curl in early 2021, when listings for both it and the Curl briefly appeared on Leatherman’s Czech Republic site. Before they were taken down the listings were spotted by eagle-eyed multitool enthusiasts and YouTubers like TX Tool Crib, and when the Bond was officially released back in May we knew it was only a matter of time before the Curl would follow. The Bond is similar to the Curl in many ways, but distinguishes itself by being entirely non-locking in a time when most Leatherman releases come with a lock for at least their main blade.

The Curl will be available next Tuesday, August 17th.

Knife in Featured Image: Leatherman Curl