Azo Mai Betters the Begleiter for Version 2.0

Kizer has returned to one of their most popular models, the Begleiter, for a version 2.0 update. This refresh makes relatively small changes to the Begleiter design to enhance, rather than fundamentally alter, the knife’s characteristics.

The Begleiter comes from the pen of Azo Mai, a premier Kizer collaborator. It originally released all the way back in 2016, and while it didn’t have the thunderously immediate reception of something like the Gemini, it went on to become one of the company’s most enduring models, with seemingly endless variations including a high end flipper model and even, eventually, a shrunk down sequel called the Mini Begleiter. None of the fundamental Begleiter qualities have been altered for version 2.0. Really, this toes the line between “new version” and “another option,” but fans of the no-nonsense EDC design won’t be complaining.

Four changes of note have been implemented here. First, the blade steel here is now N690Co, which will offer comparable performance to the VG-10 and 154CM of other standard issue Begleiters. The handle material is a carbon fiber overlay on a G-10 slab; it won’t make much of a difference one way or the other in the weight department, but this is the most gent’s folder-ish version of the knife to date. And, in lieu of the phosphor bronze washers on previous Begleiters, this one comes with the ceramic ball bearing pivot Kizer puts into its more fidget-focused models. Finally, instead of the functional but not particularly fancy clip we’re used to, the Begleiter 2.0 comes with a (you guessed it) loop over, deep carry-style pocket clip.

When the Begleiter first released, Azo Mai’s name wasn’t nearly as well known as it is today. Some of his latest work is rolling out alongside the Begleiter 2.0., and knife design must run in the blood, too: the Kizer Baby is a fixed blade release that was designed by Mai’s daughter.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Begleiter

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