Shirogorov Updates 111 Flipper for Generation Five

Shirogorov has just released the latest generation of the 111, the biggest serial folder in their catalog. No major changes have been made, but the 111 Gen 5 benefits from a comprehensive series of small tweaks and alterations.

The Shirogorov oeuvre is full of large folders – so when we say that the 111 is the biggest among their serialized releases, that’s saying something. One thing that has not been altered in any way on the Gen 5 is that imposing blade length, which runs out to 4.37 inches. “The overall length did not change, of course,” writes Shirogorov representative Tom in the shop’s official announcement post, “But it has gotten slimmer and shed 0.5mm of width, going from 4.0mm to 3.5mm at spine.” More noticeable than the reduced thickness is the swedge that now runs across almost the entire spine.

The most prominent change to the blade, however, is that the 111’s blade fuller has been replaced with a stepped cutout. “If you disregard the swedge, the shape of the cutout is quite reminiscent of the shape of the blade itself,” notes Tom. Style is a major part of the Shirogorov experience, of course, and to further reinforce these new visual elements, Shirogorov made some aesthetic changes to the flipper tab. “[It] is now milled, as well, to better match the new look of the blade,” Tom’s post continues. “At the same time, it has kept its jimping, which is instrumental in keeping the flipping effort at a comfortable level.”

The 111 Gen 5’s clip has been totally redone

Whereas previous generations also had G-10 scale options, the 111 Gen 5 will be available only with carbon fiber handle scales. But there are three different flavors of carbon fiber to choose from: purple, blue, or bronze. “All three
come with complex internal texture, as well as small radial milling on the surface,” Tom’s post explains. “This milled texture has two functions – first, it adds traction to make the grip more secure, and second – it’s just darn nice to
hold on to.” The pocket clip is the last major change, completely redesigned from previous versions, although it is still made out of 3D-sculpted titanium. The clips on these Gen 5 111s will be anodized to match the color of the CF scales.

The new Shirogrov 111s are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Shirogorov 111 Gen 5