Benchmade Triage Goes Tactical

Benchmade is giving its well-known Triage rescue knife an aggressive makeover with the new 917 model. Dubbed the Tactical Triage, this line extension offers a different blade shape, refined ergonomics, and improved steel.

The standard 915 Triage combines a reliable knife and a rescue tool. It packs a foldout seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker into an Axis Lock knife frame. According to Benchmade’s Derrick Lau, the Tactical Triage offers that same multifunctional package, with tweaks catered to cops and soldiers. “We geared this one towards law enforcement and military as those particular channels had more of a use for a drop-point over the sheepsfoot.” The new blade shape offers a pointy tip, a feature that previous sheepsfoot and safety blade Triage models lacked. Benchmade also leveled up the steel on the 917 to S30V, compared to the standard Triage’s N680.

Benchmade 917 Tactical Triage

Those familiar with the standard Triage models will notice significant alterations to the handle. “We deliberately went aggressive with the grip on the original,” Lau explains. The 915 models sport some of the most textured G-10 Benchmade uses, ideal for a sure grip but not to everybody’s taste. “For the 917 we took a more ergonomic approach. The chamfering that was added allows for easier access to deploy the hook and greater chances of the carbide when in use striking its intended target,” says Lau.

Benchmade adds the 917 to their Black Class knife line, where many of their tactical designs reside. Although the knife community is arguably over its tactical craze, this class of product has never been a fad for Benchmade. By catering specifically to real users in intense scenarios, the company’s Black Class brings in people who might not otherwise have discovered their products. “Lots of customers outside of the collectors and bali guys first got introduced to what is classified as our Black Class through military service in the early 90s,” Lau tells us.

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The Black Class is also a repository for many of Benchmade’s automatic knife designs, and auto variants of Triage models have appeared in the past. Currently, there are no plans for an auto version of the 917, but Lau says there is always a possibility for some form of a new, auto Triage to manifest. “This is a manual-opening knife for now, but you never know.”

The 917 Tactical Triage will be available soon at an MSRP of $210.

Knife featured in image: Benchmade 917 Tactical Triage