Boos Blades Introduces Aero Mini

Will Boos is bringing out the Aero Mini, his second production knife offering. The latest release shrinks down and refines Boos’ inaugural design and offers it at an even lower price than the original.

The Aero Mini flipper has a 3-inch S35VN blade with the recognizable oversized Boos cutout, which provides a stylish secondary deployment method. It’s a super-slim titanium frame lock with a carbon fiber insert, tipping the scales at a mere 2.85 oz. “It’s quite a big difference in terms of size,” says Boos. “I’d never carried a knife this small and I didn’t know if I would like it. But now that I have it I carry it all the time.”

Scheduled for delivery in January, the Aero Mini marks the first time Boos’ Aero design has been available since early 2016 when it came out in mid-tech batches with a 3.75-inch blade. “Overall they were an eighth of an inch thicker than I wanted it to be,” Boos says of those knives. The Aero Mini is much thinner and features refinements over its predecessor. The backspacer keeps the tip away from the end of the handle, and that tip has been reinforced. “Now that I’ve got more experience I wanted to come back and put some of that learning into my first design.”

All three colorations of the Aero Mini have carbon fiber inserts, but Boos notes that the insert cutout will be a platform for other materials in future runs. “People are already asking about wood inserts so I would like to make that happen in the future.” He would also like to bring back the full-size Aero at some point, too.

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Thanks to a partnership with We Knives established earlier this year, Boos has exploded to the front of the small-batch production scene. His direct-to-consumer business model has been so successful that he plans to go full-time in 2018 which should translate into more designs and a steadier supply of product. ‘”If things keep going the way they are it’ll definitely be next year,” he tells us.

For now, the Aero Mini will be the last release from Boos until March or April, when he plans to drop a carbon fiber, liner lock version of his Smoke design. He also hopes to replace S35VN with M390 at the $200 price point and bring out S35VN knives at the sub-$100 tier. “I have some interesting knowledge about manufacturing,” he says. “Going forward I’m going to start thinking about designing for ease of manufacturing.”

The Aero Mini is now available for pre-order.

Knife featured in image: Boos Blades Aero Mini