Benchmade 940 Gets Second Titanium-Handled Special Edition

The latest limited edition from Benchmade is the 940BK-2003, which marks the second time a titanium-handled version of the Warren Osborne classic has been available in 2020.

The 2003 follows after the 2001, which came out earlier this year. Like that knife – and like all 940 variants – the 2003 keeps the essential dimensions of Warren Osborne’s most enduring Benchmade design. If you aren’t familiar with the 940’s proportions, it has a 3.4-inch blade with the iconic Osborne reverse tanto shape. This is a profile that provides users with a long, slicey main edge, and a durable, pierce-friendly tip. It opens with thumb studs (anodized blue on this model, along with all the handle hardware) and locks up with the Axis Lock.

The 2003 also has a blade made from S90V, one of Benchmade’s favorite super steels. S90V turns the dial up on edge retention and cutting power, but is noticeably harder to sharpen than the standard 940’s S30V. The 2003’s blade is also coated with a black diamond-like coating, which should make the steel as corrosion resistant as possible without being actually, metallurgically rust proof.

Osborne’s slender, smart handle design endures on the 2003. But whereas the 940’s default aluminum scales have a faux bolster cut into them, the 2003’s titanium scales are kept unadorned, except for the visible hardware. In contrast to the 2001’s plain stonewashed look, the 2003 has a dark coating on the scales to match its blade. The open construction and lighter material make the 2003 noticeably lighter than the standard 940: it weighs just 2.53 oz. (compared to 2.9 oz. on the original).

The 2003 is one of several 940 releases that celebrate the 20th anniversary of the design. It is a limited edition, restricted to just 2000 pieces. Benchmade has the release date penciled in for the end of October.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 940BK-2003