Mickey Yurco Returns to the Production Scene with Backdrop

More Böker releases continue to be quietly added to the company’s website. One of the latest is the Backdrop, a new production fixed blade from veteran custom maker Mickey Yurco.

The Backdrop is designed to fill a multitude of roles, both in use and carry. The blade length, at 3.6 inches, hits the middle ground between EDC and hard use, with a universal shape to match: the drop point blade can pierce, slice, dice, and otherwise work ably through tasks both big and small. The implementation of D2 for the blade steel means that users will have a long-lasting edge for the price – albeit one that will require a little more care and attention than something made from stainless steel.

Yurco’s work varies from piece to piece, but one common element among his designs are handles that seem unconventional visually, but fit naturally in the hand and accommodate different grip options. On the Backdrop, a narrow neck behind the finger guard broadens out into a modified tear drop shape. The round profile is broken by a finger groove on the back end that allows users to index their pinky. The G-10 scales have been rounded to fill the hand, and the pins holding them to the Backdrop’s full tang frame are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing five pip die-face pattern.

The unusual but practical decisions continue on the sheath. At its heart, the sheath is a snap-in Kydex design, but Yurco created attachment methods to accommodate three different methods of carry. It can be worn around the neck with a beaded chain, and the included crossbar attachment lets you affix the sheath in your front or back pocket for reliable access. The Backdrop weighs 3.84 oz., making it light enough for the neck carry as well as unobtrusive in your pocket.

Based in Ohio and a member of the Knifemaker’s Guild, Mickey Yurco has been turning out handmade knives for decades. His work is highly diverse, with more whimsical designs standing side by side with practical, work ready creations. This is his fourth knife produced with Böker.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Backdrop