Benchmade Adds Bugout to the Custom Knife Builder

Just in time for National Knife Day, Benchmade has brought the Bugout model into their Custom Knife Builder service. You can now create your own personalized Bugout, tweaking the steel, scales, and hardware to suit your preferences.

For the performance-focused among us, the major advantage of the Custom Knife Builder is getting a design you like in a steel that it isn’t present on the existing production models. Special releases aside, the Bugout has been sporting S30V since its release; now, you can change the steel. There are two alternate paths to choose from: if you want a boost in edge retention while maintaining stainlessness, you can opt for CPM-20CV. But if you want maximum possible edge retention and aren’t deterred by a tool steel’s lesser corrosion resistance, you can now get a Bugout with an M4 blade. And, of course, this being the Custom Knife Builder, you can opt for a blade coating if you want to reduce that maintenance concern.

Handle choices are similarly expanded. You can get your Bugout with Grivory or G-10 scales; each materials comes with its own suite of possible colors. The Grivory options in particular are extensive, with some out there options including hot pink and orange. And there are a bunch of different color choices for the thumb stud’s anodization, too, so you can mix and match until your heart’s content.

Opening the door for customizing the Bugout means there are tons of new variations to be had – more than 400,000 of them according to Benchmade. It seems like a fitting way to celebrate one of the their most successful recent releases. Although it was originally positioned as a blade for ultralight hikers and backpackers, the Bugout resonated with the EDC crowd in a big bad way. “The lightweight, slim nature of the design seems to be one of the major factors,” reflects Benchmade’s Matt Glass. “The Bugout hits the fine balance of ease of carry and strength that becomes an option for anyone searching for the ‘perfect’ folder.”

This a-list addition to the Custom Knife Builder showcases Benchmade’s ongoing commitment to that service. Although they haven’t divulged any specifics, Glass tells us that the Builder should continue to see lots of love going forward. “[It] has been a point of growth for Benchmade over the past few years. It would be fair to assume that won’t be slowing down and Benchmade fans could see additional models and materials being integrated into the Builder in the future.”

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Custom Knives Shop Bugout