Ostap Hel Grows the Bestech Bouquet with Ivy Front Flipper

A little over a year after the release of the Tulip, Ostap Hel and Bestech are back with another horticulturally-inspired knife release. This second entry in the Bestech Bouquet is called the Ivy, and applies the organic style of the new series to a larger (in some respects) knife.

The Tulip’s blade took emulated the Japanese kiridashi; for the Ivy, Hel wanted to take on the hawkbill format. “Many knife users asked about a hawkbill-shaped blade, because there are not so many of them available on the market (especially not in combination with a front flipper),” he tells us.

At 3.07 inches long and with a comparatively mild curve, the Ivy’s blade can be more flexible than the average hawkbill. And in keeping with the precedent set by the Tulip, the blade steel is S35VN. It opens via front flipper, but Hel says that in creating this knife he accounted for traditional flipper fans as well. “It was also designed to fit a regular flipper, so if customers will like it we will provide them this opening method too.”

Although it has a bigger blade than the Tulip, the frame lock Ivy still has a small footprint – in fact it is narrower in the handle than its predecessor. “It’s still a very lightweight, compact and high end knife like Tulip, but with a different, slimmer shape,” Hel explains. The sculpted titanium handle is a slender hourglass shape that accommodates a full four-finger grip. The Ivy weighs 2.4 oz. and comes with a sculpted titanium clip

Hel turned to something more unflowerlike for this knife’s visual motif. “In the open position, its shape was inspired by creeping ivy vine,” he tells us. He goes on to say that, given that name and look, he had an obvious touchpoint for the particular suite of anodization colors available for this knife: Poison Ivy, one of Batman’s (many) nemeses. The Ivy can be had with black, tan, bronze, and, of course, green handle colorations.

The Ivy is scheduled to land with dealers soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Ivy

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