Benchmade Brings New Blade to the (Kitchen) Table

Benchmade is the latest company to get on the kitchen cutlery bandwagon, with the release of the 4001 Table Knife. This is the first piece of kitchen cutlery in the current Benchmade lineup.

The Table Knife has an interesting culinary role: it combines elements of both an all-purpose chef’s knife and a steak knife into a single implement. Its blade length is 5.13 inches: long enough for many of the food prep jobs that bigger knives are often called upon to accomplish, but still small and nimble enough to utilize around a dinner plate. The blade shape is a pronounced drop point with a hybrid cutting edge. That is, while the majority of the cutting edge is plain, there’s a serrated portion on the belly moving towards the tip, for cutting cooked meat or breaking through bread crust easier.

One of the big advantages to kitchenware from enthusiast knife manufacturers is that we can usually expect to get good steel. That’s certainly the case on the Table Knife, which (in the standard configuration) is made from stonewashed CPM-154, a powder metallurgy upgrade to 154CM that does well in all the major categories, while being easier to sharpen than some of its more extreme PM peers. The Table Knife is the latest recipient of Benchmade’s SelectEdge process, in which heightened care is paid to the sharpening to ensure maximum performance.

Benchmade may have been somewhat adventurous with the Table Knife’s blade, but in the ergonomics department they hewed to tradition. If you’ve owned, used, or held a fixed blade knife in the last 15 or 20 years, the Table Knife’s simple, flexible lines will be familiar to you. The scales laid onto the full tang frame are made from contoured black G-10 (on the base model); three large holes are the only major visual flourish on this otherwise very subdued handle. As the Table Knife is meant for use in your kitchen, it doesn’t come with a sheath; currently available only in sets of four, it arrives in a red birch wood case made by Tarrytown, NY’s H. Arnold Wood Turning.

As has been hinted at above, the Table Knife is available for customization. You can opt for 440C instead of CPM-154, and slap on a DLC coating if you’d like. Multiple colors of G-10 and Richlite can be swapped in for the standard black scales, and of course laser markings are available as well.

The Table Knife is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 4001 Table Knife