LionSteel’s Latest Flipper is the Refined, High-Tech Myto

Maniago, Italy’s LionSteel is back with a brand new blade. The Myto is a frame lock flipper that represents the latest in luxurious EDC from LionSteel.

LionSteel describes the Myto as an easy-to-carry, all-purpose EDC knife, and all the specs point in that direction. The blade measures 3.27 inches, a real sweet spot in terms of length that permits the Myto to handle tasks both small and not-so-small. Its shape, a flat ground drop point, offers a simple, accommodating geometry; the blade steel is M390, a high-performance powder metallurgy steel that is a familiar face in the LionSteel lineup.

The Myto is a flipper by design, but, in one of several elements that hearkens back to the T.R.E. folder, LionSteel designed the flipper tab so that it can be removed. Unlike the T.R.E., however, there aren’t other opening options that can be attached in place of the tab, and so LionSteel have dubbed this system ReF for “removable flipper.” By removing the tab, users in more restrictive parts of the world will be able to legally carry their Myto.

But the ReF isn’t the only unique selling point on this knife. Whether you open it with two hands or one, the Myto’s blade also benefits from a Double Crown bearing system. LionSteel has yet to disclose the particulars of this system, but they say the benefit is increased blade stability in addition to the liquid opening/closing we expect from bearing pivots.

The handle’s angular look also makes the T.R.E. heritage clear. The Myto has a titanium frame lock off-side scale with the usual fixings – steel interface insert, ergonomic chamfering, decorative millwork – and a sculpted titanium pocket clip attached to the handle with a tungsten carbide glass breaker, adding a bit of tacticality to the design. It can be had with a titanium, carbon fiber, or Micarta show side scale; the Micarta models are the lightest at 3.39 oz., while the titanium models weigh the most at 4.16 oz.

The Myto is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: LionSteel Myto