Benchmade Brings out Fancy Mini Adamas with MagnaCut

The MagnaCut options over at Benchmade grew again this week, with the release of a souped-up version of the Mini Adamas folder. The 273-03, which has been teased since the beginning of the year, also comes with carbon fiber handle scales.

The Mini Adamas debuted in 2021, part of an overhaul of the entire Adamas folder family. These knives, stalwarts in Benchmade’s Black Class, always enjoyed a reputation for being the burliest of the company’s folding knives. The 2021 reboot streamlined their look and size without compromising that core of rugged durability; then, at the beginning of this year, Benchmade announced they would be adding a second version of the Mini Adamas, with carbon fiber scales instead of G-10.

The hardware sets off the carbon fiber nicely

It’s that same model that is finally seeing the light of day this month, and it looks like the delay was due to a swap in blade steel. Back in January, this Adamas was listed as having CPM-CruWear, just like the standard version. Between now and then, Benchmade changed their minds and made the steel CPM-MagnaCut instead. Although it’s still young, we have, by far, written more about MagnaCut than any other single steel; the community can’t get enough of the stuff, which makes sense given that it was designed to be the ideal knife steel for general use.

The steel isn’t the only thing Benchmade changed for this model. The first time we saw this Mini Adamas, its carbon scales were a low-key variety of the stuff, but now the final product comes with scales featuring a distinct marbled composition, which really pop and add to this variant’s premium feel. The flat dark earth liners and hardware contrast pleasingly with the more subdued elements, resulting in a hard use knife with a rare air of elegance to it.

The 273-03 Mini Adamas is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 273-03 Mini Adamas

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