Newest Bogardus/We Collab Goes Big

In the mood for a big folder made from quality materials? If so, the WE Knife Zonda, which released recently, is worth a look. The second production design from relative newcomer Kellen Bogardus, the Zonda delivers a massive, high-performance blade.

Bogardus describes himself as a knife collector – and, as we’ve seen happen before, that penchant for collecting turned into a drive to design his own blades. Bogardus’s first production knife was also a We Knife collab, called the 037. That knife, now discontinued, managed to win the Most Innovative Imported Design at Blade Show 2019 not too shabby for a first production knife design! In the interim between the 037’s release and the advent of the Zonda, Bogardus has posted numerous knife designs on his Instagram page – maybe some of these others will also appear some day.

For now, however, there’s plenty to consider with the Zonda. While not a one for one recreation of the 037, is shares a lot of similarities with its predecessor, including a massive blade length. It measures 4.05 inches, which may make it a bit too big for some folks’ EDC preferences, but there’s certainly not much in the way of cutting chores this one can’t do. Style-wise, the subtle harpoon swedge gives the Zonda’s clip blade a look both aerodynamic and aggressive. Opened with a flipper, it’s made from CPM-20CV, so that plus-size edge will last a long time in between sharpenings for those who will carry and use the Zonda rather than merely collect it.

On that note, the Zonda will make a great collector’s piece, too. It’s not a limited edition, but it has some of the flavor of a We limited release, with full titanium handles embellished by a two-piece inlay: there’s a strut-like frame, made from either titanium or carbon fiber, over a flat piece made from fancy stuff like copper foil carbon fiber and flamed titanium. This inlay is on both the front and back scales, by the way, and does not impede the frame lock mechanism on the off-side. Believe it or not, this XL knife comes in with a pretty tidy weight of just 4.17 oz.

The Zonda is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Zonda

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