Benchmade Clads Kitchen Cutlery in Collector Quality Materials

Looking for a top of the line Christmas gift for the chef who has it all? Well, you can grab them one of two new Collector’s Edition kitchen knife sets from Benchmade. The 4010-211 Station Knife and the 4000-211 3-Piece Set are premium, limited editions of Benchmade’s recent kitchen knife releases, with all the magical material fixings you would expect.

These four knives originally released in standard trim in October. The Station Knife is a standalone model with a 6-inch, Santoku-style blade, designed as a do-all knife for any kitchen scenario, indoors or out. It really came across as a “Benchmade-ified” chef knife, but for those who wanted something more strictly traditional, the 3-Piece Set delivered three times over. You have an 8-, 6-, and 4-inch knife, each with a textbook Western kitchen knife blade shape. Far be it from us to tell you how to use your kitchen cutlery, but we see the big one as the culinary workhorse, with the 6-incher being called in when finer control is needed, and 4-inch baby bear pulling paring knife duties.

The Station Knife in all its Collector’s Edition glory

In their original incarnation, Benchmade offered these knives with a choice of two steels: 440C or CPM-154. Various colors of G-10 and Richlite, as well as carbon fiber, were offered for the handle scales. Naturally these limited edition models come preconfigured with exclusive blade and handle materials. Blade steel is Damasteel, the Baldur pattern specifically. If you’re buying these knives, the aesthetics are a big part of the appeal, and Damasteel delivers; but as these are kitchen knives, it’s good to know that it will still perform admirably in the kitchen, with good stain resistance and edge retention (better than the 440C in the latter department). The main portion of the handle scales are made from a Fat Carbon material. Fat Carbon is known for eye-catching composites, and the blue/black one on display here, called Arctic Storm, is definitely a looker while still being very Benchmadeian. The reverse bolster at the back end is made from standard carbon fiber, and the lanyard hole in the handle is gold-plated.

Our usual envoi with these limited edition knives is “Act Fast.” Both the Station Knife and the Set are limited to 200 pieces each, so time is probably of the essence. The prices? Well, let’s just say if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford them!

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 4000-211 3-Piece Set