Four More Kitchen Knives Added to the Benchmade Lineup

After the appetizers of the Meatcrafter and Table Knife, Benchmade is serving up a main course in the culinary cutler category. Four more kitchen knife models join the company’s catalog, available only as customizable direct orders from Benchmade itself.

Station Knife

Benchmade positions the Station Knife [see featured image] as minimalist all-rounder. It has a 6-inch santoku-style blade, with a wide flat grind, elongated tip, and low-slung belly. As was the case with the Table Knife, when ordering the Station Knife you get choice between two steels: 440C or CPM-154. The former saves you a little bit of money on the order and excels in stain resistance, while the latter, being a much newer powder metallurgy steel, has the advantage in terms of edge-holding (while still being fully stainless).

At its heart, the Station Knife’s handle is as simple as they come, but some lowkey angles to the profile and the scales help bring the Station Knife in line visually with the rest of Benchmade’s folder and fixed blade lineup. You can get these scales in different shades of G-10, three different colors of Richlite, or carbon fiber.

3-Piece Set

Benchmade’s 3-piece set has the traditional Western kitchen knife look. This is the same blade shape, and same basic set of knives, that comprise the core of even the most spendthrift knife block – they’re just elevated by Benchmade’s design, material, and machining chops. You’ve got an 8-inch Chef’s Knife, a 6-inch Utility Knife, and a 4-inch Paring Knife. Material options for both the blade and handle are the same for the three-piece set as for the Station Knife.

Worth noting: these only come as a set, and that applies to the materials too: whatever you choose for one knife is applied to all three, so there’s no mixing and matching of steels or handle materials.

The new kitchen knives are available now on Benchmade’s website.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Station Knife