Victorinox Gives the Classic SD a Classy Makeover

The Victorinox Classic, one of the knife world’s most famous citizens, is getting a new variant in time for the holiday season: the new Precious Alox Collection Classic SD plays up the visual appeal of this enduring design with a renovated scale pattern and fresh colorations.

In terms of knives that need no introduction, the Victorinox Classic Swiss army knife is right at the top of the list. For the non-knife person, it’s the Swiss army knife, and it’s still loved by enthusiasts who also go in for more elaborate Victorinox models. The ubiquitous red Cellidor-scaled model has been around longer, but the Alox variation, which swaps out the Cellidor scales for aluminum ones, is almost as revered these days, a stocking stuffer or impulse buy that can easily become a lifelong companion.

We’re all familiar with the Classic SD’s tool selection

The Precious Alox Classic keeps the flat aluminum scales, but changes the finish and the color. Instead of the treadlike pattern we’re all familiar with, the Precious Alox Classic’s scales have a woven texture, which still provides tactility and grip but juices the visual appeal. Five colorations, four of which are exclusive to the Precious Alox line, are clearly meant to dazzle with both their hue and their names: Hazel Brown, Brass Gold, Infinite Grey, Gentle Rose, and, of course, Iconic Red.

The look is different, but the tool set is the same: the Precious Alox Classic has a main pen blade, spring-loaded scissors, and a nail file-combination-screwdriver. As is the case with the regular Alox Classic SD, there is no room in the Precious Alox’s flat scales for the toothpick and tweezers you see on the Cellidor original.

The Precious Alox Classic is out now, with an MSRP of $50.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Precious Alox Classic