CRKT Teases 2022 Catalog with Limited Run of New Alan Folts Design

CRKT has just released a limited edition knife from Alan Folts, the Fawkes. This is a design with unusual origins, and will eventually be available on an ongoing basis as part of CRKT’s 2022 catalog.

EDC is the name of the game with the Fawkes. It has a 2.74-inch blade length, and in terms of shape we’re seeing a clip point, one with a particularly long run out to the clipped tip. Any knife enthusiast can discern the ways in which this blade, at this length, can be used: breaking down boxes, puncturing plastic packaging, slicing an apple – all the day-to-day cutting chores are on the table here. There’s a fuller on the blade, but it’s decorative only, and not intended as a secondary opening method. This one is meant to be opened with the flipper tab, as it’s equipped with one of CRKT’s usual setups: the IKBS pivot and assisted opening deployment combo.

Ergonomically, we’re looking at a design that is spare but modern, with a finger guard/groove twofer up front, and a raised, knurled backspacer on the back. In conjunction with the front-and-back G-10 scales, these features should keep the hand in place whether the task is big or small. Speaking of the scales, they’re an appropriately Halloweeny orange/black combination; there are steel liners underneath, and the off-side liner is fitted with the locking leaf. The stubby deep carry clip has been hit with a black wash to compliment the darker hues in the scales; it can be reversed to the front side for carry in the left-hand pocket. The Fawkes weighs 3 oz. even.

The Fawkes’s clip is reversible

The Fawkes is a Folts design that began in an unlikely place: the scrap pile. During the process of relocating his workshop, Folts found a lot of bladesmith scrap, so he decided to make a new knife from these previously discarded pieces. Thus the Fawkes was born, and now it’s on the cusp of moving into full production with CRKT next year.

Yes, 2022: the Fawkes is actually an emissary from CRKT’s forthcoming 2022 catalog, available now in a preview batch limited to 500 pieces. This preview model is identical to the future full production model, except for blade steel: it has D2 steel instead of 1.4116.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Fawkes