Benchmade Discontinues Multiple Models Ahead of 2020 Releases

Benchmade recently discontinued a slew of models, presumably making room for inbound 2020 knives.

A major trend among the discontinuations is the reduction in the number of partially-serrated models. More than a dozen of the knives getting the cut are serrated. On the official Benchmade forum, company representatives have said they may not be offering as many knives with serrations in the future, taking a more calculated approach to those variations. “We are still going to have and create partially serrated models but they will be more tailored to use case, versus making every model with a serrated version,” Benchmade’s Ryan wrote in a thread discussing the discontinuations.

More than twenty models are discontinued. Benchmade chooses not to release an official list of discontinuations, but dedicated folks over at the Benchmade forums have been dutifully pulling a list together, available here. Here are a few highlights:

Proper 318-1 and 319-1

There’s no doubt the Proper line as a whole has been a hit for Benchmade. Users responded to the inclusion of a modern traditional in the company’s lineup. But it looks like the red G-10 versions are being done away with for the new year. If you liked this particular variation however, the good news is that prices have never been better; with a sub-$100 price tag after the discount, the red G-10 Propers are among the cheapest Benchmades available right now.

737 Aileron

The Aileron was a unique Black Class offering released in late summer 2018. A mid-size folder, its salient characteristic was a tread-like pattern laser etched onto the face of the blade, which allows the knife to be two-hand opened. It was designed by Steve Tarani for the Air Line Pilots Association; as a more specialized release, it’s not as surprising the Aileron didn’t stick around.

765 Mini Monolock

There aren’t many folders in the Benchmade lineup utilizing something other than the Axis Lock, and now there’s one less. The 765 is the little brother of the previously-discontinued 761, and came equipped with a frame lock mechanism (“monolock” in Benchmade parlance).

4700 Precipice

The Precipice was a fairly recent addition, one in a fleet of new OTF autos from Benchmade. This one uses a spine-mounted button to open and close, and comes with a narrow spear point blade.

698 Foray

An EDC-style knife in the style of the Valet, the Foray has several touches that distinguish it: an oversized pivot screw, letterboxed handle, mild recurve blade shape, and CPM-20CV steel.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Proper 319-1