New York Custom Knife Shows Kicks Off Friday

The New York Custom Knife Show, also known as NYCKS, is commencing this Friday, the 22nd of November. The show is a staple of east coast knife culture for custom and, to a lesser extent, production makers.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen custom knife makers showing off their in-progress work for the show. Andrew Demko is bringing a batch of AD-15s, Heretic Knives showed off a custom Medusa, and Peter Rassenti showed off a hand-rubbed blade; all these and more will be making their way to New Jersey this weekend. Collectors flock to the show in order to find the latest piece or pieces for their collections; knives can be had first come, first serve, as well as obtained through lotteries at the table – it all comes down to the particular maker and what they’ve brought with them.

The atmosphere at NYCKS has always been Customs First; smaller and more intimate than production-centric shows, NYCKS attracts big names in the custom world, 2019 as much as any other year. But the nature of the divide between custom and production is changing rapidly: not only are more and more makers signing up with various companies for collaborations, but many are also exploring small batch production runs with reputable OEM partners. In 2018, NYCKS showrunner Fifty-Fifty Productions told us that the event function as a networking opportunity for custom makers to connect with manufacturers for just such OEM work or collaborations. In terms of production companies expected at the show, Rike, We Knife Co., and Spartan Blades are all among the registered exhibitors.

The New York Custom Knife Show is being held in the Westin, Jersey City NJ. The doors open Friday, November 22nd at 11am EST; the show runs through 6pm EST Saturday, November 23rd.

Knife in Featured Image: Demko Knives AD-15