Benchmade Expands Aller Line with Cigar Cutter Fumée

Benchmade is taking the Aller model in an interesting new direction with the Fumée variation. The Fumée adds a seventh feature into the multipurpose Aller design: a cigar cutter.

Designed by Patrick Famin and Eric Demongivert, the Aller was modeled on the duo’s Vital custom. Its claims to fame in the Benchmade catalogue were its small size, friction folder construction, and multifunctional build that, in addition to a blade, incorporated a pry bar, screwdriver, bottle opener, micro bit slot, and lanyard hole – which, yes, Benchmade counts as a tool function.

Either way, the Fumée retains all of these features and adds one more: a cigar cutter. A hole cut into the show side scale allows a cigar end to be place in it; in closing, the modified S30V wharncliffe blade will snip off the sealed end. Perhaps to facilitate the ease of this cutting chore, Benchmade swapped the Fumée’s blade from a saber-ish to full flat grind.

The other big change on the Fumée model is an aesthetic one. Benchmade is providing this model with Richlite scales. Richlite is a synthetic material that is environmentally sustainable and durable. Emerson Knives has been a major proponent of Richlite in 2019; this is the first Benchmade release to be dressed in the material. The Fumée’s Richlite scales are black-, tan-, and red-colored with a wood grain-like finish. Having a big hole cut out of the show side does result in a bit of weight savings: at 1.6 oz., the Fumée is about a fifth of an ounce lighter than its predecessor.

Benchmade has yet to give a release date for the Fumée, but the price has been set at $160 – same as the original Aller.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 380 Aller Fumée