Benchmade Gives Full-Size Freek Dressed up S90V Variant

The Benchmade Freek is back, with a full-size version of the previously-released carbon fiber Mini Freek. The Freek 560-03 is lighter and comes with a different super steel too.

The Freek family is a fixture in Benchmade’s lineup. In many ways it parallels the Griptilian family, in that it’s a group of models built around a function-first design that can be adapted into different sizes, steels, and materials. Previously, the Mini Freek got a premium variant with a hyphenated model number clad in a classic duo of materials: carbon fiber for the scales and S90V for the blade steel. Until now, that configuration was limited to the Mini model only.

So yes, you’ve got the same dimensions that the Freek has flaunted since its first rodeo: a 3.6-inch blade, opened with a thumb stud and, naturally, secured with the much-vaunted Axis Lock mechanism. S90V steel replaces the M4 seen on the current standard Freek; you can (and people have!) debate which of these two heavy hitters are better, but, for our tastes, S90V takes the prize. Like M4 its edge retention is sky-high, but it also has the distinction of landing fully in the stainless categorization.

Unlike the steel situation, when you compare the G-10 scales of the standard Freek to the carbon fiber on this one, it’s a clear cut step up into a premium element. And it’s not just a question of luxury either, as the CF shaves about a fifth of an ounce of weight from the folder, making the 560-03 the lightest available version of the Freek design at 4.12 oz. The carry considerations are wrapped up in typical Benchmade style with their reversible, split arrow-style pocket clip.

The Freek in the open position

Note: this is not a limited edition. As mentioned above, Benchmade has graced multiple models with this specific CF/S90V combo, and they become regular models with a Blue Class designation. Even better, you don’t have to wait for this one at all, as the carbon fiber Freek is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 560-03 Freek

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