Survivalist Returns to Kickstarter for EDC Sequel to Dream Knife

Way back in the hazy reaches of 2016, survivalist and YouTuber David Polczynski ran a successful Kickstarter for the MSK-1, the fixed blade of his dreams. Now, seven years later, he’s back on the crowdfunding platform for a smaller, EDC-focused variant called the MSK-1 Edge.

The Edge takes the multifunctional capabilities of the MSK-1 and translates it from the outdoors/survival genre into an all-purpose, ready-for-anything, compact EDC fixed blade. That means a lot of changes, most notably a major reduction in size. The blade length here is a tiny but capable 2.7 inches, the blade shape a drop point with a wide profile. That wideness makes the Edge suitably rugged, ready for hard cutting chores that would likely be beyond a folding knife of the same size.

The steel has been changed to suit the new size and purpose, too. Instead of D2 semi-stainless, the Edge is made from 14C28N, a well-loved European stainless. Like many elements of the Edge’s design, 14C28N seems chosen to account for the widest possible amount of chores and situations. One last thing to note, which should come as no surprise given this is a design by professional outdoorsman: the Edge is also a full tang creation.

The Edge’s handle is where the multifunctional stuff comes into play. Survival tools can be stowed away in a cutout in the knife tang, then covered by the scales; the extended pommel pulls double duty as a glass breaker and a spot for striking ferro rods; and finally, one side of one of the scale bolts is a concave bow drill divot. The G-10 scales themselves come in different colors, and there’s a wood scale option too. This latter flavor comes with a leather sheath to compliment its old world looks, while the G-10 models come with a Kydex one.

The MSK-1 Edge Kickstarter passed its funding goal within two hours of launching. The campaign will run for nearly two more weeks, with knives expected to start shipping to backers in April of 2024.

Knife in Featured Image: MSK-1 Edge

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