Warren Osborne Classic Gets Added to Benchmade CSTM

Here’s a little catchup on the Benchmade front: the legendary, Warren Osborne-designed 940 and its small sequel the 945 have officially joined the Benchmade CSTM series, allowing users to tweak all sorts of cosmetic and performance aspects of the design.

When Osborne passed away in 2016, the knife world bid farewell to a true legend. The Australian-born, Texas-based Osborne did it all: he made art blades, working modern folders, even slipjoints – and that’s not even taking into account his production contributions, of which, of course, the 940 is most famous by far. We’ve written about this mid-sized bestseller time and again, so you don’t need a full recap yet again; what’s important today is that the addition of the 940 family to the CSTM line, which means buyers will have a lot of control over the 940 they end up buying.

“CSTM” is the name Benchmade gives to its slick, online knife model customization system. Pick your model and a rotatable 3D image of your work in progress gets brought up, changing in real time as you pick the handle material/color, blade steel and finish, and the color of the hardware. You can even choose from a bewildering array of emblems, logos, and patterns to have laser engraved on the blade.

We shouldn’t be allowed to design knives

One option worthy of note is the titanium handle, as it is not just a recreation of the standard handle in the alloy; instead, it has its own unique pattern cut into it, and thus it really stands out. If you go for G-10, you can still have it in colors that have never been part of the standard Benchmade lineup, including purple and lime green. Sadly, MagnaCut is not yet an option for the blade steel, but given that you can pick from S30V, S90V, or Damasteel, you’re well taken care of on both the performance and aesthetic front.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade CSTM 940

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