Benchmade Partners with Work Sharp for EDC Sharpener

Benchmade has teamed up with Work Sharp to create the EDC Edge Maintenance Tool. This accessory takes cues from folding knife design to create an ultraportable blade care option.

The EDC Edge Maintenance Tool’s chassis is a folding clamshell design, comprised of two separate arms. On one arm is a ceramic blade hone, and on the other is a length of leather strop. It obviously does not offer a full complement of sharpening features; rather it is designed for upkeep on the go, ensuring a longer period of functionality in between full-on edge sharpening sessions. Work Sharp has offered similar components on some of their larger, but still portable setups like the Guided Field Sharpener and the Pocket Knife Sharpener.

Although it’s safe to assume Work Sharp handled the sharpening components, there are definitely a few touches on the EDC Maintenance Tool that nod toward the Benchmade side of the family tree. The anodized pivot collar that connects the two separate folding arms mimics that on the well-loved Crooked River, and to maximize carryability the Tool comes with a parkerized, deep carry pocket clip that looks to be same one implemented another Benchmade modern classic: the Bugout.

The EDC Edge Maintenance Tool is scheduled to be available by July. MSRP is set at $50.

Featured Image: Benchmade x Work Sharp EDC Edge Maintenance Tool