BRS Auctions Off Giant Wooden Alpha Beast

Bladerunners Systems has commissioned carpenter Augustus Lammers to fashion a gigantic wooden version of their Alpha Beast model, to be auctioned off at Blade Show. Called the Alphy, proceeds from the auction will go to help Knife Rights in their ongoing efforts to correct knife legislation across the country.

Owners know that a regular Alpha Beast is by no means a small knife, but the Alphy is on a different level altogether. Fully flipped open, it measures almost four feet in overall length. Although it is an obvious collector’s piece, BRS did want to make sure the Alphy could actually function as a bali; all the pivoting/flipping hardware is steel and the Alphy indeed flips. BRS and Lammer even incorporated an ‘grind’ on the oversized blade, although they offer no guarantees as to the edge-holding abilities of wood compared to the Alpha Beast’s standard 154CM steel.

The Alphy marks the second time that BRS has collaborated with Lammers, a professional furniture maker operating out of New Jersey. According to BRS Co-Founder Ed Anthonis, he has a drive to connect with other makers and give them the chance to exhibit their work in front of new audiences.

BRS is auctioning the Alphy off with a raffle, and allocating 25% of the proceeds to Knife Rights. Anthonis tells us that the collaboration is an important one because as makers of legally-restricted balisongs, the topic of knife legislation is near and dear to his company’s heart.

Raffle tickets cost $5 each, with tickets available through the end of Blade Show on Sunday, June 9th. You can purchase the tickets – and see Alphy in person – at BRS’s booth 1046.

Knife in Featured Image: Bladerunners Systems Alphy by Augustus Lammers