Benchmade Puts Out Cigar Cutter with Raffir Noble

Benchmade just revealed that it will be bringing out its auto-Axis-sporting Cigar Cutter once again, this time in a ‘Unlimited-Limited’ style. This new 1500-191 brings a new look into play while managing to bring its price down compared to the first Cigar Cutter.

While cheap cigar cutters can be had for just a few dollars, Benchmade opted for a super-premium model, a luxury object dressed up in high end materials. Their Cigar Cutter’s blade is made from S90V blade steel which, in the role it will be used in here, should hold an edge for a long, long time indeed. The previous Cigar Cutter’s blade came with a black coating applied; this version is sporting a dark stonewash, similar to what we see on other S90V blades from Benchmade.

The handle material is where the 1500-191 Cigar Cutter differentiates itself from the previous model. Instead of marble carbon fiber Benchmade brought in Raffir Noble, an unusual material made from brass and bronze mesh components preserved inside a hard, durable resin. Like damascus, Raffir Noble comes in different patterns/colorations; Benchmade’s Cigar Cutter is dressed in one walled “Black Waves.”

Benchmade created a kind of reverse-functioning Axis mechanism for the cutter. Whereas a normal Axis Lock keeps the blade from closing, the auto-Axis on the Cigar Cutter, when pulled back, is what releases the blade from the handle, clearing the hole through which a cigar is inserted. Then users push the blade back down to cut the cigar.

While the new 1500-191 still hits a higher price than even premium Benchmade folders like the Anthem, it’s still nearly 50% cheaper than the first Cigar Cutter. That original hit shelves at $850; the 1500-191 can yours for $450. Benchmade also revealed another variant, the 1500-193, which has Raffir Spalted Beech scales, a Damasteel blade, and a $1200 price tag.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 1500-191 Cigar Cutter