Tashi Bharucha Creates a Sinner for 2 Saints

Tashi Bharucha is going for style points with the Sinner, a friction folder made in collaboration with 2 Saints, a French jewelry company. The Sinner embodies the ornate 2 Saints style while remaining a Bharucha design.

Bharucha’s Sinner is an integral friction folder, its body made from a single piece of cast bronze. The blade runs to 3.15 inches: a broad drop point that sweeps up to a narrow tip, with a meticulous grind and finish. Mechanically, users open the knife by thumbing the extended tang, which also has a built-in bottle opener. “I had to incorporate a bottle opener to make it more sinful, right?” Bharucha jokes. Once the blade is opened, it can be further secured with an included security pin that passes through an opening on the handle and the blade tang itself.

Close up of the decorative bead/security pin

According to Bharucha, the inspiration for the security pin came from 2 Saints themselves. “That actually came about when they suggested I design a bead to go with the knife, since they make awesome beads too.” He saw an opportunity to incorporate functionality as well as flourish. “Since a fricky does not lock I had the idea of running a pin through the handle and back portion of the blade,” he says. “This is the first time I’ve used this system and I don’t recall seeing it done before.”

The Sinner comes with different carvings on its integral bronze handle: steampunky gears, a chipped flint surface, a cavalcade of skulls that reference Paris’s famous catacombs. Bharucha confirms that style is a major part of the Sinner’s appeal. “Absolutely pocket jewelry! This definitely sits on the cool factor throne.” However he is also quick to point out that he and 2 Saints made sure the Sinner remained a usable, useful product. “I designed it the same way I do any project, with the user in mind. It’s still very usable but heavier than your average EDC.”

We saw the first of the custom Sinners on display at Blade earlier this month. These custom versions, of which a total of 15 will be made, come with hand ground blades and are assembled and tuned by Bharucha himself. Only the customs will come with the security pin, because it needs to be fitted by hand to function. “We will then get larger batches of blades made on a production level to get these out to a broader audience,” Bharucha tells us. “The ‘production’ version will still have the cast handles made by 2 Saints, same as the customs, but no locking pin and flat ground blades with either a satin belt finish or a light tumble. Prices will go accordingly.”

Knife in Featured Image: 2 Saints Sinner