Ferrum Forge Preps New Backup Fixed Blade

Ferrum Forge is preparing a diminutive, highly portable fixed blade for release next month. Tentatively titled the Lackey, the knife was made to travely widely and handle the broad gamut of cutting tasks that fall under the ‘everyday’ designation.

The Lackey’s 2.89-inch drop point blade, made from D2 steel, bears a family resemblance to other Ferrum Forge models but Williamson said he took his primary inspiration from the bladecraft of yore. “I was actually looking through my copious historical weapon books and really liked the concept of the shirimono kodzuka or Byknife and just modernized it.” The Lacky can slice, cut, poke, pry – pretty much whatever a user needs, hence the potential name. “It will do whatever you want. It’s even balanced enough to be thrown,” Williamson notes.

He goes on to say that the reigned-in dimensions mean the Lackey will turn up in all sorts of places. “I see it going in backpacks, glove compartments, center consoles, hipster fanny packs, tackle boxes, tool boxes, middle of the back horizontal carry, and as a neck knife, since it will come with IWB soft loops and a ball chain necklace.”

In fact, Ferrum Forge labored long and hard over a Kydex sheath design that would accommodate these various configurations. “A good fixed blade that is readily carryable has to have strong consideration from the get go about sheathing,” Williamson explains. “So the little finger guard is a feature that really has more to do with the sheath retention than grip and hand protection.”

The return to fixed blades was a refreshing one for San Diego, CA-based Ferrum Forge. They’ve seen great success with releases through Drop and under their own, in-house label (of which the Lackey will be a part), but almost exclusively with folding knives. “Since we’ve been so folder-centric for so many years, I really wanted to start getting some small fixed blades out, since I used make small fixed blades all the time back in the garage days,” says Williamson.

The Lackey will be out shortly – it is expected to arrive with dealers in mid-July, complete with a budget-friendly MSRP of $65.

Knife in Featured Image: Ferrum Forge Lackey