Smith & Sons Releases Axiom EDC Fixed Blade

Smith & Sons is back with the EDC-ready Axiom model. The new fixed blade features some modern touches that helps it stand out from other Smith & Sons releases.

Portability is a big element of the Axiom design, which Smith & Sons has been clear to define as an EDC fixed blade. With an overall length under 7 inches, the nimble Axiom is actually smaller than than an open Delica 4 in terms of its footprint.

Smith & Sons has always walked the line between modern and traditional, with each offering leaning in one direction or the other. The Axiom clearly strives to be a modern knife. Smith & Sons utilized CNC to cut out the full tang blade and imbue it with the vertical grooves across its flat grind. Shaped into a drop point, the blade measures 2.88 inches long and is made from AEB-L stainless steel, which we’ve seen on a few Smith & Sons releases over the years. The Sulphur, Louisian-based company is providing a leather sheath with the Axiom – one traditional flourish on an otherwise very modern design.

Ergonomically, the Axiom showcases simple, universal shapes: a slightly humpbacked handle with a lone but large finger groove that takes a user’s finger right up behind the cutting edge if need be. The scales themselves are set on top of liners, and both liners and scales are smaller than the tang of the Axiom itself, letterboxing the handle. Smith & Sons is offering the Axiom with multiple options for both the scales and the liners; according to their count over 700 different permutations are possible.

They have given the Axiom a $160 price tag and are expected to be available to order shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Smith & Sons Axiom