Benchmade Releases Beefier Bugout Sequel

Benchmade is growing its Black Class lineup with the 537 Bailout, a bulked up sequel to the popular Bugout. The Bailout retains the ultralight construction of its predecessor but amps up the blade shape, steel, and size.

The most obvious difference between the Bailout and the Bugout is the new knife’s 3.38-inch tanto blade. Not only is it slightly longer than the Bugout’s drop point, but it is also made with a different steel: legendarily tough 3V (also recently implemented on the 200 Puukko) instead of S30V. It has also been given an aluminum spacer/pommel that incorporates an enlarged lanyard hole, rather than utilizing a cutout on the handle scales themselves as the Bugout did. The Bailout’s blade is powder coated and color-coordinated with the black Grivory handle scales.

Users familiar with the Bugout will notice a few subtler differences as well. The Bailout’s guard has been flared out on both the bottom and top of the knife, and the handle itself has been elongated. However, the deep carry pocket clip that Benchmade used on the Bugout has been carried over to the Bailout intact and evidently unchanged.

Benchmade’s release of the Bugout proved to be a major success for the company. The knife won over users of all stripes even though it was targeted specifically at ultralight backpackers who need a mix of reliability and light weight in their tools. The bigger blade and aluminum pommel do add some weight to the Bailout compared to its predecessor, but it still manages to come in at an impressive 2.05 oz. – about a fifth of an ounce heavier than the Bugout.

Benchmade says that the Bailout should be available by the end of April. The MSRP is set at $170.

Knife in Featured image: Benchmade 537 Bailout