SpyderCollector Commences Coverage for 2019 Amsterdam Meet

SpyderCollector has begun his yearly coverage of the reveals at Spyderco’s legendary, intimate, and exclusive Amsterdam Meet.

The Meet took place this last weekend, with an inner circle of Spyderco super fans meeting with the company and given the chance to see, examine, and discuss approximately 100 prototypes. Most of these knives may never see the light of day, and as such no photos or coverage are permitted, but every year Wouter, AKA the SpyderCollector, chronicles a specific selection of the designs on display, taking pictures and recording specs for the public at large. This year he covered 10 knives and has begun drip feeding them to the knife community.


As the name implies, the Endela is a middle ground between Spyderco’s two flagships, the Delica and the Endura. As such it has a blade length of 3.38 inches, borrowing a little from the compact EDC proportions of the Delica, and also the larger, tougher Endura. But also, according to SpyderCollector, the Endela’s design was not just a matter of scaling an existing design up or down; a subtly rejigged handle helps the incoming folder be able to stand on its own merits.

Police 4 Lightweight

Spyderco’s venerable Police model has been getting a lot of love lately. We saw the Police 4 release two years ago, and now that refresh is getting an FRN-scaled lightweight rendition. The swap in materials takes a whopping 1.6 ounces off the weight compared to the G-10 model, with this 4.37-inch bladed folder tipping the scales at a mere 2.99 oz.

The Police 4 also provided Spyderco a platform to implement B√∂hler-Uddeholm’s K390 steel, and it appears that the Lightweight variant will retain this material for its blade.

Dragonfly 2 Wharncliffe and Emerson Opener

It’s a big year for theDragonfly at Spyderco, with the small but mighty folder receiving two major variations this year. The first is the wharncliffe variant. Several years ago an enterprising forumite inspired the Delica 4 Wharncliffe, and the Endura eventually followed suit. Now the Dragonfly is joining in, with an (obviously) much smaller take on the utility-oriented blade shape.

The Dragonfly Wharncliffe is a welcome, if perhaps expected, addition to the line. Fewer would have predicted that the dimunitive EDC knife getting an Emerson Opener variant, but it is here. As with the other Emerson Opener models from Spyderco, the blade has been modified into a sort of spear point shape to accommodate the Wave, but otherwise the standard Dragonfly dimensions are in place and accounted for.

Knife in Featured image: Spyderco Endela