Benchmade Releases Limited Bronze Infidel with Steel Upgrade

Yet another special run from Benchmade has been released. This time the company is giving their most famous automatic knife, the Infidel, a minor but welcome upgrade in a new limited edition model.

Benchmade’s limited editions don’t adhere to a strict formula. Sometimes, as with the Gold Class models, we see a total visual overhaul, with standard materials replaced by more luxurious ones. Other times the upgrades are more subtle, as was the case with the newly released Mini-Loco in Python Micarta.

The new 3300BK-1901 falls into the second camp, with simple tweaks and upgrades to the existing Infidel automatic knfie design. For this release the scalloped aluminium frame has been anodized bronze, and the 3.9 inch dagger blade hit with a gray PVD coating similar to that on the Python Mini-Loco. The deep carry clip is also gray PVD-coated, and the opening slide has been given a contrasting black finish.

There has been one upgrade for the 3300BK-1901 that affects performance, and that is the adjustment in blade steel. The standard Infidel has been running D2 for years now, but this limited edition comes out sporting S30V, which many users will probably consider an upgrade. Edge retention should see an increase, and there will inarguably be a big boost in corrosion resistance, further enhanced by the PVD coating.

Limited editions have been coming quite quickly for Benchmade lately and in addition to variance in the nature of the upgrade, the number of pieces in each separate release varies widely. The Python Micarta Mini-Loco came and went in a batch of just 500 pieces. Benchmade has been more generous in the allocation of the 3300BK-1901; the full run totals 3,000 pieces. The knife is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 3300BK-1901 Infidel