Latest Benchmade Limited Edition is a Reptilian Mini-Loco

Benchmade is keeping the small batch releases coming, this time putting out the 818GY-1901 Mini Loco. This latest limited edition upgrades the steel and dresses up this larger EDC design with a rarely seen flavor of Micarta.

Don’t be fooled by the moniker: while reasonable for most users’ everyday carry, the Mini-Loco isn’t exactly a small knife. It comes equipped with a 3.36-inch blade and weighs 4.24 oz. The blade shape definitely pays homage to that on the famous 940 model, a sort of reverse tanto profile that functions more or less like a drop point in cutting chores.

A normal Mini-Loco comes with S30V out of the box; here, Benchmade bumped it up to CPM 20CV, and added in a dark, smoky PVD coating. The resulting souped up blade should offer better cutting performance and corrosion resistance.

The Mini-Loco’s handle is a decisive upward arch, with a forward finger groove and a mild divot at the far end to lock in the forefinger and locate the pinky while holding the knife. Benchmade is one of few big makers who keeps the flipper production fairly low, and the Mini-Loco does not buck this trend: an oval cutout on the blade is the only way to open this Axis Lock design.

On this particular limited edition, Benchmade strove to evoke images of snakes, with an unusual variety of Micarta called Contoured Python Micarta. Composed of multiple earth tones formed into concentric rings, the Python Micarta’s look definitely evokes mental images of cold-blooded serpents.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 818GY-1901 Mini-Loco